Tuesday, April 16, 2013

February in April

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I've been a bit missing in action the last few weeks. Thought I'd post a little update before it's been officially a month since my last post.

Not much going on over here. I finally got my sewing machine back from the shop at the end of March. I think having her away had me a bit depressed and unmotivated. Not that I didn't have a replacement, since I was using my old machine, but I didn't want to start anything new on that machine since I kept thinking how easy it would have been on my other one. I know it makes no sense but I kept putting obstacles in the way of any creative endeavor.

Anyway, she's finally home but I was not able to really dig into anything because I had a business trip planned. When I go up north, I try to squeeze in a few days with my daughter so it was another week before I could sit in front of my machine again. I enjoy every minute I spend with my baby girl but I needed to get home to sew SOMETHING.

When I finally got a chance to sit down, I had to tackle my Blogger Girl BOM quilt.
I started this back in February and I had the next block cut and ready to roll.

This is Version # 1 

This is Version # 2 

I like the way the colors are playing well with each other but I'm a bit concerned with the sashing/finishing instructions Monique posted last month. I think if I go with the brown I had in mind, the color will overwhelm the quilt (I am using a floral brown for the outer border and red for my inner border). Yet, I'm not sure that throwing in a red will look good in the sashing.

I think I will have to do a Thelma and make a different sashing strip for each of my variations and see which one I like better. Not freaky concerned about it yet since I still have two more blocks to catch-up with the series. I cut my next block and have it ready to roll for this weekend. It will be my first adventure using Monique's Companion ruler so wish me luck.


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