Monday, April 18, 2011

Beth is no longer calling...

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This weekend I can call a finish.
I have been working on this one over the weekends.
Last weekend I finished all the blocks and got most of the rows sewn together.

This is how the quilt looked at the beginning of last weekend.

I had added the four square blocks and sewn the blocks into rows by the end of the weekend.

This weekend, I finished sewing the rows together.
I had completed the quilt as stated in the pattern on Saturday.

But I was looking to make it a bit bigger and added a few borders...

And finally, I stopped adding borders! LOL!

It ended being 83 -3/4". 
I'm feeling pretty good about it.

The quilt was actually quite easy even though it looks sooo complex. Things that I'm still struggling with... all the stray threads! AG! I'm going to spend a good amount of time clipping those threads before sending to the quilter. Also, the size of the quilt requires that I purchase almost 8 yds of the fabric I wanted to buy for backing. A bit more than I wanted to spend and the few places that carry the fabric only have 6 yds. I'll have to buy it from different shops. I'm looking for alternatives. sigh.
Next, will be to cut the batting to size so when the backing is ready, I can just ship this out.

I'm really happy to have finished something!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm in love....

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I was surfing blogland recently and ran into Jenean Morrison's blog... and I fell in love. Her new line for Free Spirit is called Silent Cinema and it's a must have in my stash.

This is a big statement for me since I have not bought fabric as a 'just because I love it' since Market last fall. 
I have been tempted... but have not fallen.

This line reminds me a bit of Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley (also from Free Spirit) but... more yummy.

I am thinking that I need some of this... Desperately.

I might even know what to do with it...

I have only repeated a quilt pattern once, but Piece of Cake 2 could be made with a bit of this.

Or maybe I can make June Bug (also by Thimble Blossom).

Or maybe a Canasta Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman.

Or something inspired from Film in the Fridge blog. (I love her modern quilts)

Here is the thing... regardless of what I decide to make, this fabric will be a dream to work with.
Did I mention that I need to get me some of that?

(all images came from Jenean Morrison's blog with her permission - Thanks!)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Happiness!

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Don't know how your week has been but mine has dragged! I was ready for Friday, on Tuesday. UGH!

Yesterday I was going to see Gwen Marston at the Dallas Quilt Guild meeting but I realized that the meeting was moved from our regular location. When I GPS'd it... it was FAR. Too far for me to venture out on a weeknight and feel comfortable. I was a bit upset since I was looking forward to it, but driving at night is not my strong suit and you have to be REALLY special to have me drive over an hour each way to hear you speak for just an hour. I would have spent more time on the road than at the meeting.

Anyway... that was just the icing on a week that found me a bit on the down side.

So.. Now it's Friday! And I am ready for the weekend to start! I will be finishing up Elizabeth this weekend. I need to think about the backing. I love flannel as backing on my quilts but I think I love a good design more. Since this line of fabric did not have a flannel counterpart, I have been debating which of Luna Notte's fabric I should buy to serve as backing. Think, think, think.

After I wrap up that project, I'm back to working on my Bali Star. Took a breather on that and I'm really happy I did, since it cleared my mind and allowed me to get enthusiastic about the project again.

I also have my baskets I'm working on. That is longer project since my handles are all appliqued and I don't want to rush through them since they serve as a great 'take along' project. But I have made great progress on that piece.

My big applique project is on hold. I think I need more guidance. I'm a bit stuck on transferring the pieces to the background. The book only has a small diagram on a square grid to give you an idea about placement. I'm not sure how to enlarge that so I can use it as a placement guide. Suggestions??

In the meantime, I will enjoy every minute of my well earned weekend. I hope you will be able to enjoy yours as well!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer

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Last night my sister and I went to the movies. Quite a treat in the middle of the week but when you have a coupon that expires the next day... well you make time to go.

We saw The Lincoln Lawyer and I was very surprised. The movie was actually VERY good. I was surprised because I'm not a huge fan of Matthew McConaughey. He just doesn't do it for me but he was excellent in this movie and I find it a shame that the movie was not promoted properly.

This movie is based on the book of the same name by Michael Connelly. I have the book on my TBR pile and had loaded it on my iPod to listen to it - now I'll have to pick up the other book in the series because the movie left me wanting more from the character McConaughey played.

From Wikipedia:
Moderately successful criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller operates around Los Angeles County out of a Lincoln Town Car driven by a former client working off his legal fees (hence the title). While most clients are drug dealers and gangsters, the story focuses on an unusually important case of wealthy Los Angeles realtor Louis Roulet accused of assault and attempted murder. At first, he appears to be innocent and set up by the female "victim."

However, Roulet's lies and many surprising revelations changes Mickey's original case theory, making him reconsider the situation of Jesus Menendez, a former client serving time in San Quentin State Prison after pleading guilty to a similar and mysteriously related crime.

The movie takes you on a good ride with plenty of twists and turns. Haller is slick and very manipulative but wen he finds himself on the other side of the con, he has to re-evaluate his life and how he does business.

If you have set this one to the side thinking that you can wait for it on video... don't. Go and see it. It is very much worth the trip to the cinema.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Productive Weekend...

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First, I will apologize for the poor quality of the pics. I took them this morning with my phone before I ran out the door to work.

This weekend I had some time to work on Beth...

I made the edges last night and put them on the wall this morning.

I also finished all the stars.

I am only missing the four patch blocks.

I'm a bit excited that I'm so close to finishing this quilt. It has been on my TBM (To Be Made) list for so long...
I am thinking that I will add a border to enlarge the quilt, like Nicole did with her Elizabeth.

I need to play with the block placement but a few days on the wall should have things popping. Then I can move things around to avoid those common fabrics from 'touching'. Hey! I can go just so far on the scrappy feel.


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