Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To Boston, With Love

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While I was visiting my daughter in New England last month I had a chance to drop by the Museum of Fine Arts on the last day of the To Boston With Love exhibit.

The tragedy that took place on April 15th touched many lives across the world and this project was born from the need to express the feelings of love and support that those events brought forth.

I lived in Massachusetts for many years before moving to Texas. I went to college there and found it to be a wonderful place to raise my, then, 2 year old daughter. When the bombing took place it was a bit of a slap in the face because the Boston Marathon is a huge thing for the city. There is a lot of pride in the event and people hold it close to their hearts. I was not surprised by the response that came back. The images that filtered through are ones of a strong city that basically said, don't mess with us!

I was so happy to catch this exhibit.

Here are a couple more images.

I love this museum. It brings me so many memories of all the times we visited through the years while living in MA. We would go every summer and it got to a point where we knew exactly where our favorite pieces were. They have been renovating the building and expanding the premises, so it's become all new again.

They had this wonderful Samurai exhibit during that weekend.

It's funny because the exhibit was from a private collection that came from Texas!

My daughter always had an inclination toward the Japanese culture (she has a minor in Japanese Language and Communications), so I have seen my share of Japanese artifacts, but this was one of the most extensive collections I had ever seen.


Love this shot of my sister photo bombing my image. It was planned. She saw the opportunity and, well...

I was then able to go see two of my favorite pieces in the museum.

John Singer Sargent's The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit.

This piece is my favorite but it has nothing to do with the painting but the memory it evokes. My first trip EVER to the MFA, my daughter was very very young and out of all the paintings she saw that day, she tried to touch this painting. I was able to grab her hand before the alarm went off but it made me pause in front of the image and really look at it. The girls all seemed to be looking back at me. They seemed to be waiting. Sargent has many beautiful pieces and I have grown very close to his work, but I always remembered this image and would always go back to it on every trip.

This another favorite.

Thomas Cole's Expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

I never visualized the biblical scene until I saw this image. It just captured everything that it could have been. Click on the image to make it larger so you can see Adam and Eve fleeing. Truly outstanding work.

I had a few more excursions while in New England last month. I got to go to the Vermont Quilt Festival to see the Dear Jane Exhibit and I also went to Lowell to visit the Textile Museum and the New England Quilt Museum. I'll post about those trips later. Stay tuned.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend of sewing... check

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I finally was able to take a weekend to focus on some sewing.

I took a pile of theses

Put some serious sewing to eventually get them ready to become these

Which eventually became this mess

while Penny kept me company under the sewing table

I have already paired the half square triangles into units of two which will eventually become the flying geese part of my stars. If you don't recall when I'm aiming for, I'm making Red Crinoline's Regimental Star.

This week I hope to post a few pic from my trip up north in July.
So stay tuned.


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