Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Farmer's Wife ... Week ??

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I don't know how people keep track of the weeks on this project. After a few mind numbing block construction moments I lose track, but I know I owe you 10 blocks.. Instead of spreading them out over two posts I'm going all out!

Here we go:

Block 3 - This one was the easy one in the batch. It had some applique in it (the handle) 
but the block itself was nice and smooth.

Block 7 - Moving onto more complex. It's not that the block was difficult but with all those seams in a small block you are just begging for that block to fail to meet the right proportions. 
I had to undo this one a couple of times because the block was either too large or too small. Ugh!

Block 14 - I experimented with this one by putting in some of that pink
 I've been dreading to cut into. I like how it turned out.

Block 20 - I'll admit to putting this one on the list because it was easy.
 It's also my Sister's favorite block.

Block 27 - I told my younger Sister that this one looked like little dogs 
and she said they looked like little people. See the head in the square?

Block 58 - Did a bit of fussy cutting on this one. 
I thought it turned out cute!

Block 61 - I'm not sure how I feel about this one.
 I like the fabrics but the block itself? Not sure.

Block 69 - I love this one. But I think it was because it was so simple. 
I didn't have to re-do it gazillion times!

Block 81 - Another easy peasy block! 
I'm sad that there are not many more of these left in the book.

Block 84 - Last but not least! The Spool!

Ok, I'm up to date. I already started on my next five, we'll see how that goes!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quilt Retreat 2012

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Last month I went on my annual quilt retreat with the Dallas Quilt Guild.
It was the 25th anniversary of the retreat! Incredible. Forgive the horrible pictures but sometimes, you don't have the fancy camera with you...

On Saturday we usually have a sit down dinner and we all (all 100 + of us) commemorated the moment with a cake and factoids. There were a few ladies there that had been to all 25 retreats and others with 20+ years under their belt.

I looked at these ladies and thought that they probably started going to the retreat at the same age I did. Some were actually quite young and probably started going to the retreat at my daughter's age.

Anyway, these are the things I randomly think of at moments.

It was funny to see my two quilting worlds collide when the invited shop was Happiness is Quilting which is owned by a member of my Modern Guild. And there were a couple of other Modern Guild members at the retreat as well.

This is my spot. I got quite a bit done during my five days there 
(I KNOW! 5 Days!! Can you believe it? Oh Joy!)

Spent three days making 10 farmer's wife blocks and spent a day making a quilt. Somehow, that doesn't seem right but there it is.. 10 blocks vs an 84" quilt.. You can imagine what a pain in the... those blocks were a bit difficult!

I thought about this during this past weekend while I was piecing a few more of those Farmer's Wife blocks.. I was wondering how it is that I get roped into these situations.. I'm just not sure. I'm thinking that my daughter has a radar for when a puppy moment is about to happen and she pounces.

What is a puppy moment? While my daughter was growing up she would go and spend her summer's with her father and after 6-8 weeks she would return bathed in all that is sweet and tender because I would have missed her so fiercely that even her dirty socks would smell sweet. I realized that I had sunk to my lowest when one year, just a few weeks following her arrival I went out and got her a puppy. Obviously, a few weeks after that I returned to my reality and wala! There was a puppy in my house!

Every time I sit down to make a new block for this quilt, I realize it was a puppy moment. Just like that time when I agreed to make her that quilt for her wedding... Another puppy moment.

Okay, I've deviated from my main topic here, the retreat... I had a blast, like always.

These were my partners in crime, but there were many others...

Everyone was working away!

Making some wonderful things! 

And sharing the most amazing stories! 

This is my favorite time of year. I say it every year. Always a wonderful way to start the year. I was very productive, very inspired and looking forward to next year!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Have you seen the new APQ Magazine?

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I put on hold my post about the other Farmer's Wife blocks to make a public service announcement!

Have you received your copy of American Patchwork and Quilting? Not a subscriber? What do you mean? I thought everyone subscribed to this magazine? LOL!

I have loved loved this magazine from the first moment I set eyes on it and I have been subscribed since 1999. Oh, and I still have every issue (they take up a bit of room in my closet but I get separation anxiety when I even think of ridding myself of an issue).

Anyway. I have a special interest in this month's issue.

Isn't She lovely? That cover quilt is absolutely gorgeous...

But I kinda like these better....

See... that couple in the corner... That is my baby girl with her new hubby!

APQ picked up the story of her 13 Quilts and decided to spotlight her journey in the Quilting Changes Everything column. I was floored when they reached out to me and asked for her contact information for the piece.

I'm a bit proud. But then, I'm always a bit proud.

Now, with that said,

I'll let you know that I just put Kim Diehl's cover quilt on my to be made list.

Oh and for those lovers of everything Jo Morton... She also has a quilt in this issue.

So don't hesitate to pick up your issue (if you don't already have it being delivered) because there is some serious eye candy.. even after you pass the first page! LOL!

Oh, and for those that are looking for a followup on the quilts... Check out Nyshma's blog, she has posted a "Where are they now" followup.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Playing catchup on my Farmer's Wife...

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I have been bad at blogging lately but not at making my blocks! I'm just saying!

During the same retreat I completed the full quilt I mentioned yesterday, I also finished 10 FW blocks. Funny how I finished a full quilt in one day and it took two days to make 10 blocks!!! I'm thinking that something is not right there.

Okay, enough with the complaining. Here are my first 5 blocks (I'll post the other 5 tomorrow):

Block 4 - Easy peasy! This was a relief after piecing a few of the others.

Block 6 - I experimented with some colors on this one.
Not sure how I feel about it yet but I think it could grow on me.

Block 18 - This one was the most difficult block in the bunch.Funny thing is that when I asked my daughter how she felt about this block she said it was one of her easy blocks!! I said "WHAT?!". 
I tried tackling this one as a paper piece block and I think that might have been the culprit. 
I had to redo this one a few times just because I kept putting it together wrong. Ugh!!

Moving on since dwelling on it is causing me stress. LOL!

Block 41 - After that debacle I decided to try something I felt confident in. 
This one was lovely!

Block 52 - This one was not tooooo bad. 
Many pieces lead to a few redos but I was really happy with the end result.

That's that, for now.


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