Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Sci-Fi addict in me rejoices

Posted by Strlady at 10:31 AM
I am a jinx. Yup. You can ask anyone in my family. If I like something new on your person, I try to be evasive in my compliment. You grew out your nails and they look great... I will look but will comment more on the color of your nailpolish than on the length since it will cause a nail to chip.
Working on your complexion? Hmmm. 'Your makeup today looks nice.' is all you will get if you want to avoid a break out tomorrow. I have learned to keep my comments to a less than enthusiastic level. Inside, Happy dance for you...Outside, subdued acknowledgement.

I had always thought that my bad luck with enthusiastic responses translated into my choices in television shows getting canned. I try not to completely fall in love with a show because I don't expect it to get renewed. Worse... it just might get canceled Mid Season.

I was reading an article today that made me realize that the problem is not me!! YEAH! It's my love of SciFi. All Sci-fi fans must feel the same way. Journey Man - Canceled, Dollhouse - Canceled, Tru Calling - Canceled, Dark Angel - Canceled, Life on Mars - Canceled, Firefly - Canceled, Jericho - Canceled, and on and on I can go.

So when Fringe came on the scene a couple of years ago I was hesitant to embrace it, but couldn't stop myself. This year the show was moved to the worst slot on TV land - Friday. The kiss of death for shows like Medium. It's like pergutory for shows that are ready to move to their everlasting rewards. Fringe seemed destined to follow suit since the ratings were doing a nose dive (could also have been due to the baby mama storyline they were feeding us).

Anyway, today I read that my little show has been picked up for a Fourth Season!!! WOOOHOO!!! Maybe a mid year cancelation might still happen but to know that I will get at least SOMETHING next fall, is a treat and I celebrate (in a subdued manner - of course).

Hail to the sci-Fi Junkies!!

2 comments on "The Sci-Fi addict in me rejoices"

Thelma on March 30, 2011 at 7:44 PM said...

LOL, I've never even heard of that show but if it helps you get over your jinx, I'll give it a try! I usually watch Say Yes to the Dress on Fridays!

Anonymous said...

Same here. I loved Farscape. It was canceled. I am afraid to like any new show that comes out.


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