Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May recap continues...

Posted by Strlady at 4:00 AM
Onto a non quilty post.

I just needed to mention that May brought Mother's day and although I was far from the fruit of my loins (always wanted to say that). I did get a cute little something from her...

I will say that it was yummy... and guilt free (well, we will ignore those chocolate covered fruits)

Then after I got that 'healthy' arrangement, I went and threw caution to the wind by going to have lunch at MacDaddy's.

This place specializes in Mac n Cheese combos. They serve every combination of Mac n Cheese you can think of and makes it yummy. I went traditional. Insane good stuff. I had a side of pull pork sandwich to just round out those calories to about... gazillion!

I will wrap up my summary on my Mother's day with this sweet sweet note left tacked on my door.

Just let's me know that someone is doing things right.

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Claudia Gore @ Split-Site PhD Programs on August 7, 2013 at 5:00 AM said...

Motherhood does not come yet to my life, but with your post it’s as if I am already a mom. I am so touched with the presence you got from your daughter. I am also away from my mom during that celebration. Since I cannot be there physically to hand my presence, I just called her.

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