Monday, July 22, 2013

My days with Paula

Posted by Strlady at 11:25 AM
Last week I spent two days with the lovely Paula Barnes.

Early in the year I noticed that Paula would be in my neck of the woods offering 2 classes at a semi-local quilt shop called Happiness is Quilting. The shop is an hour away but I've driven farther to attend a class (See posts on my Kim Diehl class last October). I hesitated a bit because the class I wanted to take was Thursday and Friday which meant taking time off during a busy time of year at work, but after talking to Paula at the Dallas quilt show in March I knew I had to break down and do it. So, early May had me driving out to the quilt store to sign up for the class.

The quilt I wanted to make is called Regimental Stars and you can find it in the October 2011 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting (by the name of Star Formation). Paula also offers the pattern on the Red Crinoline site

It is not a difficult quilt to make but it sure is dramatic. I really wanted to go more for the kick in the butt the class would give me to actually make this quilt. I fell in love as soon as I pull the magazine out of my mailbox. I knew I just HAD to make it. This class was definitely inspirational.

Not only did I get to hang out with some pretty awesome gals at the class (we were a class of 3!!!)  but Paula also gave us a private trunk show. We just hung out and chatted about retreats and friends and life.

There was so much chatting going on, I made one block in two days. In my defense I did get alot of the half square triangles done!!

I also came home inspired. Ready to tackle more HST.

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. Life has been a bit interesting in my house as of late. In June I decided I was ready to add a new member to my household and went on a month long journey to adopt a pup through a rescue organization. I filled out many applications, had many interviews and even a house visit. All to make sure I was worthy of adopting. I passed with flying colors and at the end of June, after many meet and greets, lots of tail wagging and many puppy kisses, I met the one.

Penny (a Cocker Spaniel mix) joined our family two weeks ago.
Please think about adopting a rescue if you are thinking of a new pet. Penny came through the DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue organization, but I met many, many wonderful pets through out this process. Most of these pets are in foster homes, with people that have gotten to know them. They can tell you their little quirks and if they have seen any problems. They work to place the pets in the best homes and are not offended if after you meet the pup you realize they are not the right fit for your home.They are not pushing damaged dogs onto you. They are there to help place a dog that, due to no fault of it's own, is homeless.

Penny is 2 years old and has the most darling temperament. She doesn't like everyone that comes into the house but she gives everyone a chance to win her over with treats. When she arrived she didn't play. She just looked around and sat quietly. She followed me everywhere but when I tried to engage her in any play she would just look at me. In less than two weeks she is a ball of energy and the happiest pup on the block. She jumps around and plays with all her new toys. She loves going on short walks (we live in Tx and long walks are a bit exhausting) and loves going on car rides to the local pet store. We will start basic obedience training next week but she already does Sit with no problem. We are working on Stay but that one is a bit more difficult.

I'll try to post soon with a few pictures of my trip up north for the 4th of July.

4 comments on "My days with Paula"

Cathy on July 23, 2013 at 10:38 AM said...

Your class with Paula Barnes sounds wonderful. I like the quilt you are making; I think I remember it being in the magazine because it looks familiar. And congrats on your new dog; you are in for lots of fun!

Donna Keating on July 29, 2014 at 11:00 AM said...

I've never had the pleasure to attend one of Paula's classes but it's on my bucket list. I've spoken to her numerous times at various quilt shows. Sure miss their booths at shows now. Red Crinoline Quilts rule!

Donna Keating on July 29, 2014 at 11:10 AM said...

A question. Do you recall the pattern name for the first quilt pictured above with Paula?

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