Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treaters? What's that?

Posted by Strlady at 3:21 PM
I admit I have been a bit on the snobbish side of Trick or Treating in the past years. I blame it on my daughter who picked up her bags and went off to college right after a traumatic Halloween experience. She didn't need to go off to college! The trick or treaters that did not get a treat in the last few years can blame it on her!!

Any way to recap... during her senior year my daughter got all dressed up and decided to have a last halloween horrah and invited her best friend / my quasi-daughter (she's almost my other baby), Lindsey to go trick or treating in the neighborhood. For severeal years Dre was in charge of the distribution of goods at the door during the craziness that is called Halloween. So that year, I was left to fend for myself.... what a disaster!

My small dog, Pepper who now resides at my sister's house would not let me open the door without her racing to 'welcome' the guests. It was quite a feat to open the door, keep Pepper in the house and give out the candy to the aproximately 200+ trick or treaters we typically get. It might not have been so bad if I just stood next to the door / locked the dog up / put the candy out, but I did none of that. By the time my daughter came home to categorize her loot, I was about to throw in the towel. Needless to say that was the last year my trick or treat light was on during halloween.

Fast forward 4 years later, I have moved from New England (where the door had to be closed since it was so freaking cold and the ToTrs had to ring the door bell) to Texas and my daughter has graduated college taking temporary residence back home. When halloween rolled around there was hemming and hawing over handing out candies. My younger sister was all gung ho and edging on the graduate. After some resistance on my part, it was decided that we would hand out treats this year and we went off to prepare for the event by buying candy we would not eat during the week that preceeded the day (what's the use of buying candy we liked if we woudl be compelled to eat it all before halloween? so we got stuff we woudl not eat).

Halloween rolled around and that sister that was instigating the graduate to rebellion picked up her bags and headed off to a party with her friends and I was left alone, hoping Dre would not be delayed at work and would be home before the rush of kiddies arrived.

Yes, she did arrive in time and we learned that in Texas you don't stay indoors waiting for the ToTrs but you pull out a lawn chair and sit in the front yard with your stash and a beer to see the parade of kiddies walk by. It's such a community event that we almost missed out on it. We had decorated our tree and turned on the light but no one was knocking at the door. When my daughter peeked out, our house was being ignored. She was a bit upset so she stood by the door and was calling the kids over. When the parade of kids noticed that our place was a legitimate stop we started getting the kiddies in droves. It was funny seeing her all dressed up with nowhere to go. She was determined to hand out the non-edible candy that was at our house!!

We handed out candy until 8:15 and then had dinner and watched Cujo (we needed a spooky movie that would not give nightmares). All in all, it was a fun Halloween and restored my faith in future halloween's potential.

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Brenda on November 3, 2009 at 9:04 PM said...

How cool is that? Very cool indeed! Oh how I wish I had some year I'll be pulling out the lawnchair, but I might need to have hot cider...I think drinking beer on the lawn might be illegal in NH, HAHAHAHA

Joanna on November 4, 2009 at 8:22 AM said...

We sat outside on our rock wall and handed out all the candy we had - other people were on their lawn cheers with ahem wine not beer lol! We had a can of coke. Classy.


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