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A Wedding Journey.. The Dress

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Sorry, not alot of pictures on this one since it's Top Secret! but I will share the journey with you.

This one is a biggie on the list. It's a bit early but Nyshma really wanted to get this one out of the way and now that she is living far away, there would be little opportunity for me to be with her. So we took advantage and went a shopping!

We had both seen a dress she really liked at a Bridal show here in Texas and before she moved we went and tried it on...

This one was the one to beat because she loved it. I encouraged her to keep looking to make sure that her feelings with the dress were not due to it being the first one she tried on. I honestly believe that until you put on that dress, it all feels a bit foreign.

After visiting the venue we drove down to Portsmouth, NH and met with the lovely ladies at Madeline's Daughter. The young lady assigned to our appointment was just wonderful and she brought some exceptional dresses to compete with the first.

There were some tears shed there and we thought we found a strong contender.
Still we walked away because we had one more stop before the decision was made.

We were visiting Kleinfeld's the next weekend.

The trip to NY was a last minute addition to our itinerary but after spending the summer watching many, many reruns of Say Yes to the Dress we had to find an excuse to go there. The excuse was a particular Dress that my DD (dear Daughter) had on her wish list and she just HAD to try on before her final decision.

The traffic in NY was horrendous, but we already knew that. The hotel was horrible, but we had low expectations. But it all was worth it because she found it! She found the one!

We almost walked away defeated but after about 8-9 dresses, the consultant took us to the back room where she let us loose to see if we found something she had missed.

Peaking from a plastic garment bag was a dress that had a top similar to the first dress DD loved and a bit of the second dress we had on the list. Pulling it out of the bag brought an inhale of breath and a few dropped jaws. I admit to tearing up when she stepped into it because I knew this was the one.

I wish I could tell you more but I have been sworn to secrecy and the pictures shown here have been previously approved (one had to get cropped several times over before approval was given).

Needless to say.. she said YES to the dress.

We left on a high and headed off to meet with a friend for lunch. We found this place where you select the pasta of your choice and it's cooked in front of you. Definitely yummy.

Nyshma's Yumminess

My Yumminess

We then headed out for dessert and I had to take a picture for Thelma...

These little bite size cupcakes (they are just a bit larger than a quarter) were soo delicious! I was tempted to go back for more but by then we were running late and I was just exhausted.

It was a wonderful adventure and quite a success so every minute was worth it. I was blessed to have shared this time not just with my daughter but with my sisters too (one is pictured above with DD and the other can be found here). Thanks Gals, for putting up with a fretful Mom!

That's it for now, will be back with more closer to the date.

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Darlene on October 2, 2010 at 9:11 AM said...

A fun journey - thank you for sharing!


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