Friday, October 1, 2010

A Wedding Journey.. The Venue

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As some of you might know my only child is getting married. It's bittersweet because she is my baby and she is living far from me. She is very excited and I have been lucky to have her want my input on the wedding. With that I flew out to New Hampshire from my cozy corner of Texas to do some initial prep work for the big day (Next Labor Day weekend).

First up was the Venue. This was a big milestone because all timelines are based off the venue selection. You might want to get married on a certain date but if you can't find a place to have your wedding, you will need to re-evaluate your date.

Her top three venues were all booked on her date, but she was lucky to find a place close to her new home that offers her the feel she was looking for. Next year she will celebrate her wedding at The Bedford Village Inn.

Here Nyshma is standing on a small platform where the Bride and Groom
can stand as the ceremony takes place.

Here you can see the area where the chairs would be placed facing the small platform where she was standing before.

When she visited a few weeks before with her fiancee the venue was preparing for a wedding and she was able to see the chairs in place.

The chairs would have some covers but it helped to get an idea of the layout.

We were lucky to see the landscaping as it will be next year because we visited about the same time the wedding will take place.

Here is the entrance. Lovely!

What made this a challenge was that my daughter wanted a barn wedding. A rustic feel to the place was a must since she really is a let your hair down type of a gal...

The beams did her in.

Again, a peak at the place setup for a wedding really helped...

I really wasn't sure about the place but after visiting it I knew this would work for them and was happy they could accommodate the date they wanted.

Hope you enjoyed the preview..

Next up.. The Dress!

2 comments on "A Wedding Journey.. The Venue"

Darlene on October 1, 2010 at 10:42 AM said...

Beautiful venue!

Mom on October 1, 2010 at 5:45 PM said...

looks lovely~ pray for a beautiful day :-)


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