Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Happiness!

Posted by Strlady at 10:23 AM
Don't know how your week has been but mine has dragged! I was ready for Friday, on Tuesday. UGH!

Yesterday I was going to see Gwen Marston at the Dallas Quilt Guild meeting but I realized that the meeting was moved from our regular location. When I GPS'd it... it was FAR. Too far for me to venture out on a weeknight and feel comfortable. I was a bit upset since I was looking forward to it, but driving at night is not my strong suit and you have to be REALLY special to have me drive over an hour each way to hear you speak for just an hour. I would have spent more time on the road than at the meeting.

Anyway... that was just the icing on a week that found me a bit on the down side.

So.. Now it's Friday! And I am ready for the weekend to start! I will be finishing up Elizabeth this weekend. I need to think about the backing. I love flannel as backing on my quilts but I think I love a good design more. Since this line of fabric did not have a flannel counterpart, I have been debating which of Luna Notte's fabric I should buy to serve as backing. Think, think, think.

After I wrap up that project, I'm back to working on my Bali Star. Took a breather on that and I'm really happy I did, since it cleared my mind and allowed me to get enthusiastic about the project again.

I also have my baskets I'm working on. That is longer project since my handles are all appliqued and I don't want to rush through them since they serve as a great 'take along' project. But I have made great progress on that piece.

My big applique project is on hold. I think I need more guidance. I'm a bit stuck on transferring the pieces to the background. The book only has a small diagram on a square grid to give you an idea about placement. I'm not sure how to enlarge that so I can use it as a placement guide. Suggestions??

In the meantime, I will enjoy every minute of my well earned weekend. I hope you will be able to enjoy yours as well!

3 comments on "Weekend Happiness!"

Sharrieboberry on April 8, 2011 at 2:34 PM said...

I NEED a Friday hug. It has been a long week!

Anonymous said...

Those baskets are wonderful..enjoy your weekend!

Sherrill on April 8, 2011 at 5:50 PM said...

You think THAT'S bad..I was supposed to take Gwen's workshop on Sat. but I got sick and had to cancel! BAH!


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